• Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain
Actually, AI is already in the supply chain – in demand planning, operational software, robotics and predictive maintenance. Early adopters may be leading the way, but, as you will soon discover, AI is not an opt-in decision. Instead, it will co-opt you. NextGen supply chain technologies can be deceiving. Not in the sense that they
  • Planning in the supply chain
Hierarchical planning may not be a headliner everywhere, but it sure gets the job done when the right balance is struck between strategy, tactics and operations. A couple of months ago, a reporter asked some people what are the biggest challenges in the supply chain today and into the future. As you would expect, trade
  • Inventory planning by Intel
A new tool allowed the chip maker to fully automate inventory planning. The result: Inventory targets that planners accept more than 99.5% of the time. Inventory is a universal headache at most companies – with the potential for significant impacts, both good and bad. Too little inventory puts sales revenue at risk. Yet, having too
  • Transportation management software
This is a time of innovation in TMS as the software’s capabilities broaden significantly, improving its deliverables across the supply chain. Transportation is transportation. Not much change there except for the talk about autonomous trucks, right? Well, not exactly. Especially if you’re taking a look at the NextGen evolution of transportation management systems (TMS). The