Morgan Swink, Ph.D. / Exec. Director Cen­ter for Sup­ply Chain Inno­­va­­tion, Neeley School of Business

Dr. Morgan Swink teaches and leads research in areas of supply chain management, innovation management, project management, and operations strategy. Dr. Swink’s current research projects address digital transformation, servitization, visibility, and other cutting-edge initiatives in supply chain management, financial impacts of supply policies, collaborative integration, and supply chain organizational structures. He was recently ranked among the top ten innovation management scholars in the world1, and among the top 75 most productive operations management scholars2.

Dr. Swink is the former Co-Editor in Chief for the Journal of Operations Management, a top academic journal. He serves as associate editor for several top journals. He has served as president of the Decision Sciences Institute, chair of the CSCMP Research Strategies Committee, and a member of several boards of directors. Dr. Swink has co-authored two supply chain operations text-books, one managerial book on supply chain excellence, and more than 75 articles in a variety of academic and managerial journals.

Dr. Swink has won several research and teaching awards, including the 2016 Research and Creativity Award at TCU. Dr. Swink consults and leads executive workshops and seminars in supply chain management best practices, systems thinking, cross-organizational integration, project management, operational flexibility, and breakthrough thinking for innovation and productivity.

Past academic postings include Michigan State University (1998-2010) and Indiana University (1988-1998). Previously, Dr. Swink worked for 10 years in manufacturing and product development at Texas Instruments Incorporated. He holds a BS Mech. Engineering (Southern Methodist University), an MBA (University of Dallas), and a Ph.D. Operations Management (Indiana University).

Morgan L. Swink Ph.D.
Eunice and James L. West Chaired Professor of Supply Chain Management
Executive Director of the Center for Supply Chain Innovation
Information Systems and Supply Chain Management Department (INSC)
Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University





1 Ranked #7 in adjusted articles productivity – Yang, P and L. Tao, “Perspective: Ranking of the World’s Top Innovation Management Scholars and Universities,” J. of Product Innov. Mgmt., 2012, 29(2), 319–331).

2 Shang, G., B. Saladin, T. Fry, and J. Donohue, “Twenty-six years of operations management research (1985-2010; authorship patterns and research constituents in eleven top rated journals.” Intl J. of Prodn. Research, 2015, 53(20), 6161-6179.