Mike Futch / President, Tompkins Robotics

Mike is the President and one of the original leaders that has created Tompkins Robotics and brought the t-Sort sortation system to life for global customers. t-Sort is the world’s first robotic, truly scalable, portable, and intelligently adaptable automated sortation system that is changing the way firms execute in their supply chains.

He has been involved from day one in the evolution of this unique and innovation system—recognizing the potential, designing the applications and creating the value proposition for Tompkins Robotics’ customers. He continues to lead the design and forward movement of the company, driving much of the new application development, new product conceptualization and the integration with partners solving unique problems with complimentary robotic automation.

His focus is to deliver Tompkins Robotics and its systems to customers in North America and Europe to maximize their service, performance and operations in ways never before thought possible. Mike spent his prior career doing supply chain consulting and implementations for customers in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, retail, food & beverage and consumer products.

Mike has been highly successful in building long-term relationships based upon his personal involvement in successful implementations. He has achieved significant results for clients that have led to bottom line savings, higher levels of performance, enhanced service levels across the supply chain and an increase in overall shareholder value. He now brings that same level of success to the leadership of Tompkins Robotics and its customers. Throughout his career, Mike has served more than 200 hundred firms. Prior to Tompkins Robotics, Mike’s work history includes the U.S. Air Force, Tompkins International, Garr Consulting and Deloitte Consulting.