Kristi Montgomery / Vice President of Innovation, Research & Development, Kenco Logistics

Kristi is a dynamic explorer of strategic innovation that drives revolutionary change. With 30 years of logistics and supply chain experience, she leads a dedicated team of specialists in Kenco Innovation Labs, who research, prototype, and execute creative solutions with the potential to positively transform the supply chain. As the senior innovation officer, recognizing that no single approach works for every customer, Kristi leads the combination think tank and practical working physical lab utilizing design thinking and open innovation to deliver business value for the 200+ customers that Kenco serves in North America.

Kristi holds a BS in Organizational Management from Covenant College and is a certified Specialist in Design Thinking and Innovation as awarded by the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. Kristi is the Co-Chairman of the International Warehouse and Logistics Association Education Committee and serves on the Board of Directors for the Warehousing Education Research Council (WERC). She serves the industry speaking, participating as a panelist, and publishing articles promoting supply chain innovation.

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