Brian T. Martin / Sr. Director, Engineering & Technology Team, Dell Technologies Service Parts

Brian T Martin joined Dell in 2000 and is currently a senior Director on the Dell Technology Services Parts team.  Mr. Martin has responsibilities for the global engineering & technology team that supports over 60 repair partners in 160 countries.   Mr. Martin team is responsible for: repair readiness, repair diagnostic & test enablement, process & reparability, service parts and whole unit repair quality governance, parts & whole unit change management, and supplier quality performance management.  

Mr. Martin is leading the digital transformation initiative building out the future SMART repair factories to include deploying intelligent (AI/ML/DL), automation (robots, sensors, . . etc.), and hyper-connected (Cloud enabled deep learning) processes. Also deploying SMART workspace which include building the future digital platform with advance analytics capability (predictive & prescriptive) to support the new digital engineer of the future. Lastly, developing SMART enterprise systems (Quality 4.0) that will digitally drive improved product designs, process and tools improvement into the Dell ecosystem.

Mr. Martin’s organization supports all Dell Branded and non-Branded Dell hardware for each of Dell’s Business Units and/or Lines of Business.  Mr. Martin’s organization also provides support for numerous customer offerings ranging from: CIS, Depot, and Next Business Day to Onsite Parts, Pro Support and a variety of Same Business Day solutions.   

Prior to joining Dell Mr. Martin worked with Raytheon Missile System Inc. where he held various positions in engineering to include: Sr. Program Design Mgr., Sr. Design Test & Integration Lead, and Systems Design Engineer

Brian’s education background includes: Computer Eng, Electrical Eng. of Technology, Business Administration, & Business Art in Management