Meet The Speakers

For our inaugural year, the conference will focus on the top three technologies that these execs need to better understand – Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Big Data. Our keynote speaker is Vice President of Supply Chain for IBM, Ron Castro.

Senior Director, Glo­bal Logis­tics, Cisco Supply Chain Operations
    Vice President of Supply Chain for IBM
      Global Head of Cus­tomer and Market Devel­opment, HP 3D Printing
        Research Director, IDC
          Managing Director, Digital Supply Chain Institute
            Researcher at MIT
              CEO and Co-Founder, Wise System
                Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions, Flex
                  Director of Operations, Rochester Drug Cooperative
                    Vice President of Prod­cut Develop­ment, Honeywell-Intelligrated
                      Vice President, Ro­bot­ics Center of Excellence, Dematic
                        VP of Marketing, 6 River Systems
                          President and CEO, Procurant
                            Industry Strategy Lead, Supply Chain and Logistics, Esri
                              Chief Operating Officer, Fetch Robotics
                                CEO of inVia Robotics
                                  Chief Executive Officer, Soft Robotics
                                    Vice President, Software Systems, IAM Robotics
                                      CEO and President of Kindred
                                        VP and GM, Digital Solutions, Johnson Controls
                                          Exec. Director Cen­ter for Sup­ply Chain Inno­­va­­tion, Neeley School of Business
                                            Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Association for Supply Chain Management
                                              Director, Solutions Design, DHL
                                                A.I. Project Leader, IBM
                                                  Director and Product General Manager, Connected Equipment and Service, Johnson Controls
                                                    Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy – GLO 
Cisco Supply Chain Operations
                                                    EVP, Technology and Engineering, GEODIS