Picking robots in your Distribution Center? Yeah, sure. Let someone else prove it out first.   You’re in luck. Gary Ritzmann, director of operations at Rochester Drug Cooperative, has done just that. Better yet, his first picking robot has already paid for itself. A little more than two years since launch, Ritzmann says he thinks
SCMR’s NextGen Supply Chain Conference will focus on the technologies enabling tomorrow’s supply chains… today.   What’s next in supply chain management? Wouldn’t we all love to know two years in advance. Actually, six months wouldn’t be bad, come to think of it. As a senior-level supply chain management professional, you’ll have a chance to
There are few more big picture efforts underway in the supply chain today than digitization. The concept is quite simple. Take all the data from the various supply chain silos, convert everything to an electronic state and put it all in a central location. Then, fundamentally change everything you do to take advantage of the
Gone are the days when a robot belonged only in a cage.   Oh, how industrial robots have changed. Gone are the days when a robot belonged only in a cage and there was little interaction with humans. Both piece-picking and autonomous mobile robots work side-by-side with warehouse and manufacturing personnel today. And with that