January 22, 2020

Presentation: From Excel to AI: How Reyes Brought Predictive Modeling to Beer Distribution.

The one thing we know about a forecast is that it’s probably wrong. Getting it right – or getting it more accurate – can have a significant on inventory levels, customer service and ultimately sales. Reyes Beer Division, the country’s largest beer distributor, developed a forecasting tool based on a stochastic supervised machine learning model that is able to build a repository over time and obtain knowledge of future events itself. The result of this development is a program which runs weekly for 28 warehouses and more than 5,250 unique SKU’s and forecasts 12 weeks out. The model delivered a dramatic improvement in forecasting accuracy and is designed to learn as it goes for continuous improvement over time. The presenters will explain what it took to develop this tool and how you to can put Machine Learning to work in your organization.

Presented by
Carlos Gutiérrez Ferrete
Operations, SVP – Reyes Beer Division
Pamela Armella Olazábal
Data Analytics, Director – Reyes Holdings