Technical Session Highlights

The NextGen Conference will feature case studies from six industry leaders who are putting Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics, 3D Printing and Mobile Piece Picking Robots to work in their supply chains. You won’t want to miss Tuesday’s two-hour block on Robotics in the Warehouse and Distribution Center. 

Artificial Intelligence 
Applying Augmented Intelligence (A.I.), Blockchain and Predictive Analytics to Expand End-to-End Visibility and Improve Operational Efficiency – IBM 
Impact | Machine Learning and Autonomous Logistics – Wise Systems
How AI is Transforming Supply Chain – Johnson Controls

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing
Reinventing the Supply Chain with 3D Printing – HP 3D Printing 

The Real Value of Robots: How Users in New Markets are Benefiting – IDC
Piece Picking Robotics – Panel: IDC, MIT, Dematic, Soft Robotics, Kindred AI
Mobile Robotics – Panel: IDC, inVia Robotics, 6 Rivers Systems, Fetch Robotics, Honeywell Intelligrated
Case Study: Robotics: Putting Robots to Work – How Rochester Drug Implemented Mobile Piece Picking Robots in its Distribution Operations – Rochester Drug Cooperative and IAM Robotics

Digital Transformation
Digitization of the Supply Chain: The Future is Here…The Future is Now! – Cisco Supply Chain Operations 
The Digital Supply Chain Transformation – Digital Supply Chain Institute
Roadmap your way to digital supply chain maturity – Texas Christian University
Case Study: Flex Pulse – The Intelligent Supply Chain – Flex
Accelerating Return on Digital Investments – Association for Supply Chain Management

The Promise of Blockchain in The Supply Chain – Procurant 

Supply Chain Mapping and Spatial Analysis
Powering the Digital Supply Network with Spatial Analysis – Esri

Download the full agenda for 2019 Nextgen Supply Chain Conference.