Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, a leading global automation, engineering services and software company, today announced that it has acquired Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH (“Pierau Planung”), a European-based, market leader in supply chain and logistics design, consulting, and project management. Pierau Planung’s management team will join Fortna following the transaction and continue serving its European region. Terms
Over the last six years, a global leader in beverage alcohol has transformed its supply chain to be more agile, responsive, and attuned to growth. The result is a supply chain geared to out-innovate the competition. In November of 2014, Diageo North America introduced Regal Apple, a new flavored Canadian whisky with the premium taste
For the past 31 years, Shawn Curran has worked in supply chain management at Gap Inc. He sat down with Supply Chain Management Review to discuss his career, the evolution of Gap Inc.’s supply chain and the future of the profession. In July 2016, SCMR published “A portrait of the supply chain manager,” our look
The companies said they will collaborate to facilitate the development of integration tools allowing for faster, seamless implementations to improve productivity and efficiency for shared retail and 3PL customers, as well as establish HighJump as a licensed retailer of Locus’s autonomous, multi-robot solution for warehouse fulfillment, too. A strategic partnership between Locus Robotics, a Wilmington,
Just months before the start of the 2016 holiday season, one of Gap Inc.’s distribution centers was destroyed by fire. Here’s the story of how resilience and innovation saved the day. It’s November, which means the holiday season is right around the corner. For most retailers, gearing up for peak is a matter of getting
Keep an eye on micro-fulfillment and the development of AI On New Year’s Day, I posted a blog on the technologies I’ll be watching in 2020. The other day, I realized there are two more of note that I inadvertently omitted. This is what happens when you do things on a day when you’re thinking about football
A rapidly evolving and increasingly global world poses new challenges for business survival. Supply chain managers who use these four interconnected compass points can navigate these unprecedented challenges and find opportunities for innovation. “The points on a compass have kept travelers headed in the right direction for hundreds, if not thousands of years, even as
The rapidly evolving and increasingly global world of e-commerce poses challenges for business survival. Navigate the unprecedented challenges—and find opportunities for innovation within them—using these four interconnected compass points of a modern global supply chain. The points on a compass have kept travelers headed in the right direction for hundreds, if not thousands of years,
  • Ethical Supply Chain
January 2, 2020
New research from APICS, Supply Chain Management Review and Loyola University Chicago finds that operating an ethical supply chain is an increasing priority. At a recent supply chain conference, futurist Gerd Leonhard observed that as business becomes digitized, supply chains increasingly rely on technology and our customers increasingly use the technology tools we provide, the
Technology continues to be the driving force, but it’s evolving. In early December, a researcher asked me what were going to be the solutions driving the supply chain 20 years from now.  To be honest, I didn’t have a clue. I think back to stories I was writing less than a decade ago, and none